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Senior Living Program

The Senior Living Program is designed to support the transition of your employees into retirement and those caring for elderly loved ones. It provides support to your employees assisting in the integration of work and home life.

The program comes in the form of a portal branded in your corporate colours designed to be accessed by your employees via a closed URL through the internet (or your intranet). It can be viewed at work, in the home or via a mobile device allowing an infinite number of employees across the country to access it anytime, anywhere. Due to the incorporation of your corporate branding the portal appears as an extension of your organisation.

Our programs are designed to lighten your work load and are completely implemented and managed by the SeventeenHundred team.

Below are just some of the features of the program:

  • The Portal:  Provides a comprehensive overview of the retirement process and aged care services including planning, transition, money and superannuation, life after work, health and support services, benefits and entitlements along with a number of articles, tips, events and competitions (fun stuff).
  • A step-by-step guide: We have included a step by step guide to aged care as we know this can often be an emotional and confusing time. 
  • Ongoing education and support: Employees have unlimited access to our professional consultants via phone and email if they have any concerns or questions not answered on the portal. The programs are updated weekly with any legislative changes and a variety of tips, article and recipes. Employees can be notified of updates via a newsletter they can subscribe to.

Some benefits of the program:

  • Assists in supporting and engaging your employees
  • Improves your standing and recognition as an employer of choice
  • Assists in achieving WGEA and ASX legislative and compliance requirements

Enquire now to discuss your situation and organise a demonstration of the program.


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