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What elite athletes teach us about stress

what can elite athletes teach us about stress

If you want to learn how to keep your cool under pressure, the best place to start is the sports arena. Between the pressure of competing and demanding training regimes, elite athletes experience stress on a regular basis. A great deal of research goes into developing ways to help them cope with that stress: specifically, …

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How to manage your workload before and after a holiday

Can taking a holiday from work feel like too much work? If you’re delaying your well earned break because you can’t face the prospect of an over-loaded email inbox when you return and all the emergencies that have festered in your absence, then this article is for you. The following to-do list will guide you …

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Four ways to help your team bring their best selves to work

‘Bring your best self to work’ is a phrase we hear often in news articles, motivational podcasts, on the recruitment section of company websites. But what does it actually mean?  Far from being a mere nostalgic nod to the days of Oprah, the concept of ‘our best self’ reveals a significant shift in the way we …

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How to reduce workplace stress

Workplace stress is increasingly becoming a critical issue for organisations. According to a recent study by the Resilience Institute of over 16,000 workers across 250 organisations, 77 per cent of workers regard their working environment as high stress. While the personal cost to workers are wide-ranging – think anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia and …

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Six ways Neuroscience engages employees

One challenge facing employers is achieving ongoing engagement in employee wellness programs. Very few programs succeed; the 10 per cent that do are backed by scientific models that focus on both engagement and retention. The neuroscience of engagement focuses on novelty, complexity and positivity. This is because the human brain is neurologically hardwired to get …

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