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Who we are

SeventeenHundred is an innovation driven organisation that creates supportive relationships between companies and their employees. We provide work-life integration and diversity solutions to support organisations and the journey of the individuals within - enabling them to balance their work commitments and external responsibilities. 

We recognise that your employees are a little bit of everything. They wear many different hats - often all at once. So we have created a service that assists you in supporting your people, no matter their life stage or background.

Our flagship service is the Work & Life Hub , a flexible online platform that supports the busy lives of a changing and diverse workforce whilst delivering insights to better understand your people.  This is complemented by a range of premium add-ons , workshops and resources to ensure diversity and inclusion goals are met. 

As workplaces are ever-evolving, we continually research and develop our products to ensure relevancy and effectiveness.

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Recognising a diverse workforce

Employess have access to inclusive and dynamic content that supports them throughout their work-life journey, regardless of background, life stage and social identity.

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September 01, 2015

Smashing Gender Stereotypes One IKEA Table at a Time

Gender stereotypes touch every age group in our society and The insidious power of these stereotypes is that often, we do not realise how damaging and disempowering they are for both men and women

August 05, 2015

Workplace flexibility discussions need to include all workers

Not too long ago discussions about workplace flexibility centered on working mothers. This need hasn not changed, if anything, it has increased, but to adequately address workplace gender equality this conversations needs to include all workers

July 30, 2015

Living with anxiety

Most people, at some point in their life will have anxiety. Have you ever pushed a deadline at work to the very last minute and experienced that feeling of panic?

Work & life hub demo

See how the Work & Life Hub operates and the benefits it can bring to your organisation.


  • The Downer Group choose our services as they support their diversity strategy
    Key areas being gender, age and culture. Our services are able to reach their large work-force spread across a huge geographical area.
  • An Energy Australia employee speaks about our services
    It makes your family and work commitments a little easier, with so much help and support.
  • Our programs helped Dimension Data Australia to be recognised as offering
    excellence in employee conditions.