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We offer a range of workshops from leading facilitators which cover diversity, flexibility and lifestyle factors


We can deliver a range of workshops from leading facilitators which cover diversity, flexibility and lifestyle factors, e.g. unconscious bias, work-life balance strategies, health and wellbeing, cultural awareness and many more. Workshops are also available for individual purchase (without the purchase of the Work & Life Hub).

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Online courses

Currently we have a range of Parent Wellbeing courses.

Parental Transition Coaching

Our Parental Transition program and flexible coaching sessions draw from global best practice and have been designed in conjunction with our UK partner My Family Care who have been leading the way internationally in coaching and supporting working parents for over 10 years.

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Information Packs

We have a range of packs offering both practical and useful advice including legislation and entitlements. With legislation, employee expectations and funding support constantly changing, our packs are the perfect tool to ensure you are providing the right information to your employees.

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Parental leave

This has been written to support parents about to embark on parental leave, either for the first time, or for subsequent children. You will find tips, checklists and the benefits you and your family may be entitled to during this time in your life.

Return to work

Returning to work from parental leave can seem daunting for some parents. This pack is full of helpful advice, checklists and support to help make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

Dads and partners

The role of dads and partners in society today has changed dramatically; dads and partners are now playing a more active role in raising their children than any other generation. From the birth of their new baby, dads and partners now have an expectation that they will play a hands-on role and will be equally involved in decisions made around parenting. This pack has been designed to provide useful and practical advice and information for expectant and new dads and partners to make the parenting journey easier and more supported.

Parental leave toolkit

This toolkit is specifically designed to address all the key stages of the parental transition. Together with the stage based group coaching and webinars it provides tools and frameworks relevant to the phases before leave, during leave an on return. It helps parents plan and communicate proactively and influentially before, during and after their leave.

Choosing a school guide

Watching your child head off to school for the first time, or spread their wings on their journey into secondary school, is an exciting time for any family. But it can be a bit overwhelming too – and not just for your child! We want to help you navigate the path ahead so you can be confident that you’ve found the right fit for your family and for your child in particular.

Flexible work toolkit

This toolkit has been designed for your managers to help identify the advantages and types of flexible work arrangements available. It provides an overview on legislation and practical options to make flexibility work for your workplace.

Aged care support

This pack has been designed to help employees plan ahead and prepare for their aged care responsibilities. The pack provides advice, information and support so employees can make informed decisions about the care of their loved one.

Taking care of mental health at work

This guide will assist you in identifying the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and mental illness; provide practical strategies that will allow you to support a colleague who is doing it tough, and offer you proven techniques to manage your own mental health both in and outside of work.

“It was a very insightful session and it will enhance my personal and professional interactions going forward” – CBRE employee